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Get the Tech Gear I Use as a content creator. Productivity gear, software,techniques, foods and drinks. Level up now.

Solopreneur Tech Gear

Kick it Like Ken

You can create content like me and amp up your money, fame, and efficiency.

Explore my gear, productivity software, and productivity techniques below.

My Gear

Productivity Software

  • IA Writer - Markdown Word Processor. Type and create documents incredibly fast – notes, checklists, resumes, project goals, etc.
  • iOS Calendar – if it’s not on your calendar it’s not going to happen.
  • iOS Reminders – reminders and tasks should be simple & sync everywhere.
  • Feedly & Reeder (Apple Ecosystem) – I stay up to date on news in my industry using website news feed aggregation.

Productivity Techniques

  • iOS Focus & Focus Filters – when working on my phone I’ve found focus mode a game-changer. The ability to see my work apps on my phone when I switch on work mode is amazing.

Productivity Foods


Mix the Ginseng tea with the green tea in the morning for a powerful combination. Excellent focus without caffeine crash.

Oatmeal / Overnight Oats

  • For a filling, nutritious, and fiber-filled meal, try boiling water and adding rolled oats. I add chia seeds a touch of sugar, and cinnamon.