What Was In My Tech Backpack - 2014

Since I bought my first iPad I have found it more and more useful for content creation on-the-run. Find out what was in my bag - 2014 style.


If you’re not creating content on the road, don’t expect to get picked up. With content generation happening at ludicrous speed, you must make time to keep up. Since I bought my iPad last year I have found it more and more useful for generating content on-the-run.

My MacBook Pro was feeling heavier and bulkier than ever. It seemed a chore to lug around. Recently, two huge things happened to lighten up my life – i bought an iPad and the content creation software improved drastically.  My big criticism of the first iPad was that the software wasn’t very good, if it existed at all. Now that’s changed a lot. You can create content on the tablet, manage social media, execute complex stock strategies, and even write some code.

whats in my bag - macbook bose AE2 headphones iPad Swiss Gear Backpack

What’s in my bag – MacBook Pro, Bose AE2 headphones, iPad, Swiss Gear Backpack

My Digital Road Warrior Gear

  • iPad (4th Generation 32GB)
  • Small messenger bag OR Swiss Gear Backpack OR V7 Vertical messenger bag for iPad
  • iPhone 5 with tethering / hotspot to create a wireless network for the iPad
  • iPhone 5 EarPod headphones or Bose AE2 headphones (white))
What's in my bag - iPad, Apple Earbuds, small messenger bag

What’s in my bag – iPad, Apple Earbuds, small messenger bag

Small vertical messenger bag for iPad

V7 Small vertical messenger bag for iPad is great for everyday use – light, not bulky

iPad Productivity Apps for the Digital Road Warrior

  • WordPress Official App
  • Apple Pages
  • Textastic (for coding)
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Gmail App
  • HootSuite

If I need to do some heavy photo editing or coding I’ll take my 15″ MacBook Pro. Blogging during the SES conference was certainly doable, but for live tweeting an event a MacBook Air or new Retina 13″ would be a better choice because of the multiple windows OSX gives you. The light messenger bag is useful for quick runs – it’s much smaller than a typical laptop-style messenger bag and much thinner. I guess you could call it a man purse 🙁

Use iPad as a Phone – the Road Warrior Future

Next year, I’m thinking of ditching the iPhone and just carrying an iPad. The iPad Air is much smaller and lighter. Here’s how I plan to accomplish this:

  • Buy iPad Air with Cellular Data capability
  • Port my current mobile phone number to Google Voice
  • Have a 4GB data plan for the iPad
  • Make phone calls using the new FaceTime Audio in iOS 7 for friends using iPhones / iPads
  • Use the Google Hangouts App to make and receive regular phone calls for people not using iPads / iPhones
  • Use iMessage and FaceTime like I do now, but using my email address as my caller ID instead of my phone number (everything works the same)
  • Use Apple Earbuds / Bluetooth earpiece when making calls / talking
  • Keep local police numbers handy (without regular phone service you lose 911 / emergency service)
  • Carry my V7 / MoKo light messenger bag everywhere

Removing the regular voice service should save me around $50 / month. This will pay for a new iPad Air just in the first year. Plus, the audio quality will be better using FaceTime Audio / Google Voice instead of cellular voice. More details for using the iPad as a phone "Use iPad as a Phone – the Road Warrior Future".

Good Tunes – Writing With Music

I’ve got to have music going when I’m writing / coding. The Bose AE2 headphones are amazing and light. With larger headphones they can get heavy on your head and ears can get steamy inside or worse – hurt. This doesn’t really happen with the Bose AE2 headphones. When working many hours you need comfy headphones. For quick trips I love the Apple EarPods. They are also comfy and sound great. Lots of base for just in-ear headphones.