MX Master 3 for Mac - Long Term Review

MX Master 3 for Mac. Is it still solid after a few years? Find out a real user experience.

MX Master 3 for Mac

I've been using the MX Master 3 mouse for a while now and have compared it to the Magic Mouse 2 in another article, but I wanted to focus on its long-term usefulness.

I write code, blogs, and social media posts. This mouse is great for coding because it's very accurate. It feels good in my hand and I don't feel uncomfortable after long periods of use like I do with the Magic Mouse 2. That said, it's a very large mouse and does at times feel TOO LARGE, and I have hands that are at least average size. I'm a little taller than average.

My Mac is a base M2 Mac Mini at the moment, and because of the bloated Logitech software I don't run the Logi Options software on my computer. I miss out on some customizations that are pretty cool -- but the default Mac driver for the mouse works well. I think with a newer Mac and 16GB RAM you would be ok.

My only problem with using the mouse with a Mac is that it turns off after a period of time. That means when I wake my computer my mouse doesn't wake. I need to click it or move it and THEN it wakes up. Not a Mac-like experience.

It seems I never run out of batter power for the mouse. The upside of its sleep functionality is that it goes weeks and weeks without charging. The Magic Mouse 2 is always on and while convenient, it reduces the battery power a lot.

The USB-C cable and connection is very convenient and modern. I'm trying to get all USB-C connections for my devices.

PROS - MX Master 3 for Mac

  • Fast screen cursor movement. You can move across the screen several times faster than the Magic Mouse. This matters on larger screen resolutions like 4K.
  • Feels good in the hand.
  • You can rest your hand on the mouse.
  • Customizable buttons and thumb scroll wheel.
  • Nice color scheme - blends in with new Black and silver Mac accessories.
  • Rubber wrap around thumb and palm area feels nice.

CONS - MX Master 3 for Mac

  • Software is bloated. Takes a lot of computer RAM and thus isn't great for Macs with less memory or processing power.
  • The click wheel is solid but scrolls in a clunky way. Feel like an old device
  • Logi logo on top is a bit distracting
  • No way to tell how much battery power is left in the device
  • No USB Receiver dongle for better performance / connection stability
  • Slight delay after waking from sleep - adds friction when I need to just get to work


If you code and need precise pointing with incredibly battery life, get the MX Master 3 or MX Master 3S. If you work long hours at your computer, get the MX Master 3 for your health.

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